Max & Mia’s will offer clothing for children ages birth to young teens, gear such as strollers and carriers, toys, furniture and more.


HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Two Hillsborough dads, Brett Cooper and Adam Chernoff, are coming together to open a kids consignment shop in the township.

Cooper has three sons and Chernoff has a son and daughter. Inspired by their kids came the name for the shop — Max and Mia’s. Max is Cooper’s oldest son and Mia is Chernoff’s daughter.

The shop will offer clothing for children ages birth to young teens, gear such as strollers and carriers, toys, smaller furniture and maternity clothes.


“Unlike other franchises out there, we will be a true consignment shop,” Cooper said. “We will be splitting the profits with people bringing the items in. Whereas other places just buy it outright for dirt cheap and sell it cheap… We want to partner with the community to help others get more money when an item does sell.”

The items then can be sold to families who will use them unlike when donating at a bin in a parking lot.

“There is a misconception that when you bag stuff up and throw your stuff into a donation bin, you assume it will go to a good family,” Chernoff said. “What they really do is shred it up or sell it to other people. Our shop will keep the items in the community where someone can really use it here.”

One of the biggest selling points of Max and Mia’s is that they offer a pick-up service. Cooper and Chernoff are traveling all over the surrounding area to pick up items from people looking to get rid of it.

Cooper and Chernoff announced their business venutre on social media groups last week and have already received a great response. In one week the pair gets calls almost hourly for items people need picked up or want to get rid of.

They are currently narrowing down a few locations to call home for their business, probably along Route 206 in the township. And Max and Mia’s is looking open sometime around early September.

For more information or to schedule a pickup email or visit


Thank to Alexis Tarrazi for featuring our business in the Hillsborough patch. We really appreciate it!

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